This time, our engineering department developed an low cost load break switch, which had for its object to control of a three-phase motor operating in hazardous areas.

In addition, the solution had to carry a signal of engine running to the operations center in a safe area.

How could it be otherwise, the system must have all security guarantees. The switch, in addition for guaranteeing accessibility, had to be candable in all positions.

Technical data:
Ex Protection: II 2GD Ex d IIB + H2 T5 Gb – Ex tb IIIC T100ºC Db IP66
Temperature range: -20 to +40ºC
Colour: RAL 7000 (grey)
Dimensions: 200x250x150mm

Technical data of the disconnector:
4 Poles
Thermal current 80A
Tension 415VAC, Utilisation category AC-23 A/ AC-23 B
Entries: 3×1/2” NPT

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