Compact volume (air) flow controller ExReg-V.. for applications in hazardous locations in zone 1, 2, 21, 22 for control of air flows (CAV/VAV) in ventilation systems (HVAC).

Suitable control actuator ExMax-..-CY (without spring return) or ExMax-..CYF (with spring return, safety function) available.

VAV control must be tested by the manufacturer of VAV dampers in acc. with diameter, design and characteristics of the air damper.

– Can be configured on site in the hazardous location
– Fewer components
– No necessity to install safety barriers or to use special wiring
– Integral PID loop
– Also for mobile applications.

Can be used in:
II 2(1)G Ex e mb [ia Ga] IIC T6 Gb
II 2(1)D Ex tb ib [ia Da] IIIC T80ºC Db IP66
Zones: 1, 2, 21, 22.


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II 2(1)G Ex e mb [ia Ga] IIC T6 Gb
II 2(1)D Ex tb ib [ia Da] IIIC T80ºC Db IP66
Certificate: EU-Type Examination Certificate
Supply voltage / frequency: 24 VAC/DC ± 15% (20,4…27,6 VAC/DC), 50…60 Hz
Current power consumption: 150 mA, ~ 3 W, internal fuse 350 mAT, without bracket, not removable
Galvanic isolation: Supply to analogue inputs and outputs min. 1,5 kV, supply to relay output min. 1,5 kV
Electrical connection: Terminals 0,14…2,5 mm² in integrated Ex-e terminal box, wire stripping lenght 9 mm, tightening torque 0,4…0,5 Nm, equipotential bonding 4 mm²
Display / Control elements: LCD display backlit, for configuration, user guidance, parameter setting and actual value display. Status display via LEDs / 3 buttons for configuration
Sensor / Sensor circuit: Piezo messure transmitter / Internal intrinsically safe circuit
Housing: Aluminium die-cast housing, coated
Ambient Temperature – Humidity: -20…+50 °C (storage temperature -35…+70 °C) / 0…95 % rH, non condensing
Pressure connection: P+ / P- sleeves Ø 4…6 mm
Measuring range: 0…300 Pa, minimum measuring range is 2 % of full scale
Sensor damping (filter): 1…50 seconds, adjustable
Precision of pressure measurement: ± 2,5 % full scale ± 1 Pa
Zero point setting: Via menu. Both tube connections P+ / P- must be mechanically short-circuited for the time of zero point setting
Volume flow: Calculation via k factor (“shield factor”); adjustable parameters: Vmax, Vmin, VNom, k-factor
Control: Adaptative PID controller (automatic or manual mode selectable)
Control tolerance: 1…5 % adjustable
Delay time: 3 s
Alarm monitoring: Volume flow monitoring; adjustable functions: tolerance limit (fixed value and variable value), alarm delay
Life time mecanically / electrically: 10×106 / 100×103
Dimensions: 180 × 107 × 66 mm
Weight: ~ 950 g
Cable entries: 2×M16, Ex-e plastoc cable gland ~ Ø 5…9 mm

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