The earthing system Ex-SYMEGA-VO serves to avoid electrostatic charges in hazardous areas and ensures a secure connection of stationary and mobile, metallic or conductive and dissipative objects and a good earth.

This ATEX earthing system visualizes the presence of a good earth via green LED and, if connected, can enable or interrupt the subsequent process via potential-free changeover contacts.

The earthing system Ex-SYMEGA-VO can operate in two different variations:

Variation 1: Low-resistance measurement of 0…1 kOhm or 103 Ohm.
Variation 2: High-resistance measurement of 0…3 MOhm or 3×106 Ohm.

Can be used in:
II (1) 2G Ex eb ia mb IIC T4 Gb
II (1) 2D Ex ia tb T120°C Db
Zones: 1, 2, 21, 22.


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II (1) 2G Ex eb ia mb IIC T4 Gb
II (1) 2D Ex ia tb T120°C Db

Certificate: EU-Type Examination Certificate

Operating voltage:
AC 85V to 264V
DC 8V to 28V

Maximum voltage: AC 275V | DC 375V

Power consumption: < 1W

Resistance Measurements:
Low: 0…1 kOhm or 103Ohm
High: 0…3 MOhm or 3x106Ohm

2 Potential-free changeover contacts: 1NO + 1NC

Switching current per changeover contact (8V to 28V DC): max. 2A
Switching current per changeover contact (85V to 264V AC): max. 6A

Housing: Aluminium
Housing dimensions: 220x122x90 mm
Housing seal: EPDM (Silicone free)

Operating temperature: -20ºC to +40ºC

Ingress protection: IP64

Cable entries: 4 Plastic cable gland (non armoured cable). External diameter (5 – 9 mm)

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